• Gem

The Gnome Heads to RedBubble

Sometimes it's hard to decide how much we like our own artwork - which ones are we proud of? Do they make us 'feel' anything? Is it 'good enough'?

Our original Dapper Gnome features in the inside cover page of my newest sketchbook, and I've grown to like him a lot over the past few weeks. I don't often feel a lot of emotion over a sketch like this, but he makes me feel serene, and that a little bit of hope is all you need sometimes. (Very fitting right now!)

He's grown on me so much that I felt he deserved the opportunity to be printed on to almost anything that takes your fancy - mugs, stickers or even a face mask! You can now find him over on my RedBubble store along with Hector the Camel and the Three Orangs. So if you like to have something that little bit different (Who wouldn't want a bath mat with a camel wearing a fez?) head on over and browse the masses of products you can have my designs printed on. Check it out here: