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Light It Up

Preparations are underway.... well, sort of.

With the advent of an upgraded internet connection, it's time to start thinking about stepping towards livestreaming. It's something I've been working towards here in the Cave for some time, but I want to make sure everything is up to standard before embarking on this next step.

In recent videos I've talked about looking at lighting for videos. Right now I digitally alter a lot of the footage depending on the weather, natural light and time of day. I prefer to work in natural light as I'm prone to migraines and headaches in general. Although this gives reasonable results, it's not going to cut it for live footage. As the Cave continues to grow, it's important to me that the quality and standards of the videos does too.

I wanted to have a full year of filming here in the new Cave in order to experience all weathers and assess how the natural light would fall before spending huge amounts of money and boring holes in the walls! I've formulated a plan that will hopefully enhance what natural light is available rather than having a full-on studio set up, but will still improve the quality of live footage and videos.

Once this step is completed, the wheels will be in motion to get our livestreaming underway.

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