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Cataloguing Has Begun...

I have been discussing over on the YouTube Channel about expanding the gallery section of the website to include ALL (yes, you heard me) of my completed colouring pages to provide an inspiration bank for those of you who like to colour. This is going to be a fairly long process, but today I have started photographing some of the pages.

Following your feedback, these will be grouped by artist, and where possible I will caption the pictures with the materials I used to help any of you who want to recreate a similar look. If the page has been part of a YouTube video, I'll also link that underneath.

I have many books where there are only one or two images coloured, and these will be listed in the 'other' category until such times as there are multiple images from the same artist. They will then have their own 'home' at this point.

There will be a limited selection of pages from 'Enchanted Forest' by Johanna Basford initially, as I am fairly close to completing this book and would like to do a full flip-through with commentary over on YouTube tow

ards the end of the year before adding all pages in the gallery. This book holds a special place for me as it was my first book, and has been coloured front-to-back - definitely a labour of love!

I hope you will all be patient as I chip away at this project, and enjoy the fruits of my labours as time goes on...

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