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Back to Business

Although still in COVID lockdown here in the UK, things are slowly returning to normal back at the Cave. Gem (and the dogs!) are working hard on fresh updates for the website and more content for the Youtube channel, as well as gathering more stuff together for the Stash. (It's a doozie this time!)

It's been so long since the last Cave Stash, so we have a lot more items than usual that will be up for grabs this time round - if you want to try a new supply, stay tuned for the next Stash where you will find some new, and nearly new items at reasonable prices, as well as a few prints to feast your eyes on. A favourite item is the beginners sketching set, put together by Gem specially for anyone who is new to drawing.

Here at the website you can expect more useful resources in the coming weeks to help you learn, practise and hopefully inspire you to keep creating. Further details to follow...

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