8 very special watercolours.  Beautiful on their own but absolutely perfect for mixes too!

Inspired by the luminous moon and twinkling stars, these colours are something special.
In the Stjärnor we have four colours made with chameleon pigments and named after some of the brightest stars and one after the moon.

Paint them on dark ground for maximum effect and perfect for mixing with other colours.
The Stjärnorna (stars) are made of chameleon pigments that shift from one color to another. The pigments are bigger than "standard" metallic so more sparkle.

Castor -Shifts from Green to Red
Capella -Shifts from Teal to Pink
Polaris- Shifts from Blue to Red
Atria- Shifts from Blue to Purple
Vega- Shifts from Purple to red
Sirius -Shifts from Red to Yellow
Pollux -Shifts from Yellow to Green
Luna -Bright shining silver
*This is not a traditional pigment for watercolor so it will behave differently. My tips are use more water for a mercury glass effect or less water for an opaque look. Clean your brush and water, or everything will be silver sparkly. * - Julia

The card is about 10 x 7 cm, the dots are "glued on" with gum arabic/masking fluid and covered with waxed paper.

Julia K Dot Card - Stjärnor