The Arting Journey

In 2017, Mist the one-eyed collie was unwell. She was my best friend.


I had dabbled with adult colouring before then, but started to use it as a coping

mechanism while we went through numerous treatments and surgeries. It was

enough to keep my mind off what was going on, without feeling overwhelming,

and allow me to have a creative outlet - something I learned previously was

important for my mental health. Despite our best efforts after several months,

we had to put Mist to sleep.


I was devastated. It left the biggest, gaping, unfillable hole in my life and the

thought of not seeing her face ever again was unbearable. I had to find ways of

bringing good memories of her to life if I was going to move forward.

I wanted to be able to draw her.

You know, properly.

                                                      I figured I could conjure her up any time I wanted, and eventually                                                          be able to draw her doing anything, anywhere, any time. The                                                                  thought comforted me. I started to sketch, learned the basics and,                                                        well, haven't stopped since. I drew my first portrait of Mist eleven                                                          months after starting to draw. I'm planning the next one soon.


                                                      I have found so much joy, excitement and happiness in art, as well                                                        as a way to process emotions and balance my mental health, and                                                        I wanted to share it with others. If anyone could take anything                                                               from what I was doing, even just a few people, I figured that could                                                         only be a good thing. I started my YouTube channel and the                                                                   Colour Cave was born. 


My favourite medium will always be pencil - the slow, methodical techniques and the texture of pencil on paper is very satisfying for me, and I'm at my happiest with a plain old graphite pencil and a sketchbook. In February 2019 I started dabbling with watercolour and surprisingly got to enjoy it. 

I am so early in my art journey and have so much to explore. I don't even have a definitive art style yet. I'm excited and happy to see what's in store and where I can take my skills next. Hopefully I can continue to improve and try a myriad of mediums, and bring Mist to life through art.

Maybe you'll come along for the ride too. 



Mist with Jock in 2017


The first drawing of Mist, November 2018